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Entrance Exam

The entrance exam for 1st Year and 2nd Year First Study Cycle admissions takes place in the beginning of April of each year (contact us for this year’s dates).
In 2017, students may be admitted to the 4th Year directly upon application. The entranceexam will take place in August 2017. Contact us for exact dates and find out whatinformation to send depending on which study stream you are applying for.
After contacting our admissions office and finalizing your application, you will receive an email confirming the date and time of your exam.
The exam takes place at the following address (not at MoPA):
Palais des Congrès
La Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie du Pays d’Arles
Avenue 1ere Div Français Libre
13633 Arles

The entrance exam consists of a general written exam on the following:
-Narrative drawing
-Observational drawing
-Creative drawing
-Image analysis
-An oral interview
The oral interview is the ideal moment to present your portfolio, which should be a resumé of your personal work and those done during your studies.
We’re particularly attentive to seeing a diversity of works, showing both academic skill and an open attitude. Your portfolio must reflect your passion for image-making, art, and creation.
You may come with a laptop or other device suitable for showing your works. If you have large-sized drawings and paintings we advise you to present photographs of them, either by printing smaller formats or putting them on a digital device. To help you prepare, we’ve made a selection of works to read and a list of films to watch.
These elements can serve as material for discussion during your interview, and the written part of the exam may also refer to them. Contact us for the latest list.
Bring the following to your exam:
-Pencils, eraser, pens, ruler, drawing paper ½ raisin (50×32.5 cm – approx 225 g)
-Any personal material you feel would help your creativity. Gouache, pastels, acrylics,
coloured pencils, markers, coloured paper for cutting up, scissors, glue, ink, watercolours…

Table of entrance requirements


Course Fees

Fees at MoPA are highly competitive. Combined with the excellence and reputation of the school, and the near-100% graduation recruitment rate, MoPA offers a unique cost-value benefit. MoPA is a private institution. Students with French nationality may benefit from the CROUS financial aid.

EU citizens

Non UE Citizens

Preparatory art studies year

5 500€


1st Cycle : 1st Year



1st Cycle : 2nd Year

7 250€


1st Cycle : 3rd Year

7 250€


2nd Cycle : 4th Year

7 900€


2nd Cycle : 5th Year

7 900€