Damien Rudeaux Testimonial

 Student Damien Rudeaux speaks about his Preparatory Class experience.


I‘m now in the second year of training as Concepteur/Réalisateur 3D and I joined MoPA two years ago through the school’s Preparatory Class. Looking back, I think that this year was really essential to get to the basics of drawing and to start my learning path..

Through the many techniques used (painting, sculpture and engraving for example), the school has encouraged us to vary our skills, to meet and have rich exchanges with professionals. What was really important for me was having a structured framework (a subject to address and instructions to follow) while having the freedom to express my creativity and to combine several subjects on a given project (writing, graphic design and illustration courses, for example).

Overall I think that this year offers a good basis for further training and a better transition between the expectations of high school, and MoPA’s high standards. The preparatory year remains a pivotal year where students strengthen their general artistic and cultural knowledge and expand their portfolio of creations and diverse projects.