Mobility & Partnerships

Language policy for outgoing participants

At MoPA there is already a significant English education and training structure in place with experienced native English teachers dispensing tuition with a strong emphasis on communication in a dynamic pedagogical approach that combines theory with practice focussing on the domain of art, cinema and animation. Outgoing MoPA students may receive reinforced English tuition if required. The Head of International Relationships is a native English speaker with a training and professional experience in cross-cultural studies, and currently offers MoPA students extra linguistic support for traineeship applications and documentation

Language support for incoming participants

Incoming students will be offered language support through a partnership with a local partner specialised in facilitating international exchange and offering cultural immersion and French language courses. Via the CIPEN MoPA also has access to language training modules offered through the Pole Formation Compétences. The International Office is also available to facilitate integration into the MoPA school community.

Assessment of incoming students linguistic level will be based on existing test results where available such as TOEIC, TOEFL or other, or via the Online Linguistic Support (OLS) language level assessment from the EU, before and after mobility.

Recognition of mobility achievements for study and placement

Outgoing students participating in academic mobility will with MoPA and the receiving institution complete and sign Learning Agreements describing the programme of studies and confirm that such programme will be compatible with the academic standards and goals of the sending institution, and that the successful completion of the course of study in the receiving institution and the corresponding academic credits gained will be recognized. After completion of the mobility experience, participants will provide MoPA with the Transcript of Records and a report from the Academic Supervisor nominated in the Learning Agreement. MoPA will evaluate and validate all official documents. The academic activities successfully completed during the mobility programme will be recognized and validated as part of the MoPA diploma curriculum, corresponding academic credits gained and the student will not be required to complete equivalent study modules already been successfully completed in the partner institution. Successfully completed academic modules will be duly recorded in the students’ Transcript of Records and a Recognition/Equivalency Certificate will be issued by MoPA.

Outgoing students participating in traineeships sign, with MoPA and the partner organisation, a Training Agreement outlining in detail the conditions of the training placement. Trainees remain in contact with MoPA throughout the experience and the student write a Traineeship Report describing the traineeship for academic credit validation of the placement and the traineeship provider provides a certification regarding the trainee’s activities and developed competences.

Incoming students at the end of their Erasmus+ period receive an official Academic Transcript issued after deliberation of the responsible academic staff 14 days after the end of the examination period, sent on within 10 days to the student and partner institution stating the grades and academic credits obtained.