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Animated film Carried Away - MoPA Jean-Baptiste Escary, Alo M. Trusz, Johan Cayrol, Manon Carrier, Etienne Fagnere 2020

Carried Away

Animated film 3D - 2021

Maman est morte. Ses deux fils devront profiter de sa dernière volonté : une randonnée en forêt.


Synopsis du film d'animation : 
Mummy is dead. Her two sons must carry out her dying wish to go on a hike in the

Directed by par : 

  • Jean-Baptiste Escary : Previs, storyboard, animation, editing, rigging, production management et cloth
  • Alo M. Trusz : Animation, modelling, 3D sculpting, rigging et editing
  • Johan Cayrol : Animation, character sculpting, modelling et rigging
  • Manon Carrier : Art direction, lookdev, modelling, surfacing et lighting
  • Etienne Fagnere : Art direction, lookdev,concept art (character and environment design), lighting et surfacing

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3D animated film Carried Away - MoPA - Carried away - Spark

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