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Preparatory year

The preparatory class is intended to be a transitional year between high school and our 3D animation course. It is a general artistic programme with a focus on animation.

MoPA animation school: 3D geometric effects training

The objective

The teaching alternates basic artistic subjects with workshops in the fields of photography, video and animation.

Preparatory training in animation

This preparatory year allows students to acquire a solid base of skills, working methods and to enrich their artistic culture. A year to build up a portfolio of work that reflects their personality and gives them confidence in their abilities. Students carry out
numerous projects using a wide range of techniques, thus exploring the creative field of each.

The curriculum

  • Dessin d'observation / Modèle vivant
  • Couleur / Arts plastiques
  • Character design
  • Création graphique/ Modelage
  • Ecriture scénaristique
  • English
  • History of art and cinema
  • Photography / Video
  • Initiation aux principes de base de l'animation 2D
  • Acting
  • Video

Le passage en 1e année est fonction des résultats obtenus en contrôle continu et du bilan de fin d'année.

“The preparatory year provides a solid background to continue training in 3D animation and allows a better transition between the expectations of high school and MoPA’s requirement level. It is a transitional year where students strengthen their general culture and expand their portfolio of creations and varied projects.”

Damien Rudeaux
Student at the MoPA School of Animation

Damien Rudeaux
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Meet with us

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