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The teaching

For more than 20 years, MoPA has been recognised as one of the best schools for cartoons and 3D animated films.

MoPA School: 3D character designer

Project-based teaching

From the script to direction, art direction, character and set design to the production of animations and 3D images, the entire design and production chain is covered in the MoPA animation course. It combines, artistic, cinematographic and technical skills. Our school offers a project-based teaching, which confronts students with multiple individual and team production experiences.


The majority of lecturers are working professionals. Dividing their time between work in the studios and teaching, many of them take turns in passing on their skills and experience to the students.

Internships: an immersive experience in a company

Throughout their studies, cartoon and 3D animation students are required to do internships in companies. Beyond the experience they gain, these internships allow them to discover the animation industry and develop their network.

Professional tools

Les étudiants de notre formation film d'animation disposent du matériel et des logiciels utilisés dans les studios de production. Le parc informatique compte de plus de 250 ordinateurs, équipés des logiciels spécialisés comme 3DSmax, Maya, Nuke, Substance, Houdini... Une « render farm » est en appui afin de calculer rapidement le rendu des images de synthèse créées par nos étudiants.

MoPA animation school: 3D tiki effects

Arles MoPA campus accessibility Our campus is accessible for people with disabilities. If you are wondering whether you can join our course, please contact us so that we can make suitable arrangements:

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