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The curriculum

MoPA animation course

Discover, learn and master the world of animated films

The objective of our school is to train animation professionals, with a real artistic vision and an understanding of the challenges of filmmaking.
Our 3D animation course offers students career development prospects towards leadership roles as soon as you graduate.
MoPA offers training in 3D animation at the crossroads of art, cinema and technology, providing a rich and diverse background. The project-based teaching method, which favors teamwork, confronts students with multiple opportunities to make short films and to experiment with filmmaking.

After one preparatory year, the course is 5 years long, divided into 2 cycles:

The MoPA School of 3D Animation’s professional certification is registered with the Registre National de la Certification Professionelle (RNCP - National Register of Professional Certification) at Level 7, (equivalent of 5 years of higher education) under the title “Expert in design, production and 3D animation”.

Cycle 2 Curriculum - MoPA

Cycle 1 Curriculum - MoPA

Preparatory year Curriculum - MoPA

Teaching objectives

  • Design a strong narrative experience
  • Direct a 3D animated film and supervise its production
  • Develop your expertise by creating new proposals (narrative, artistic and technical) to respond to real production situations


Hold a level IV diploma or degree and possess strong artistic and graphic skills. In addition, entrance tests will be used to assess candidate's creative and artistic level. An adapted individual interview will be conducted, allowing the candidate to discuss and explain his/her motivations and professional project.

Teaching methods used

  • Développement et approfondissement des concepts artistiques narratifs
  • Expérimentation et production d’images 3D fixes et animées
  • Analysis and research
  • Placement in a professional setting
  • Conduct a film-making project

Evaluation and assessment method

Individual oral and written, continuous assessment, and evaluation during the project phases. To be awarded the " Expert in design, production and 3D animation " certification - Level 7 (equivalent to 5 years of higher education), the candidate must pass the four validation tests (one per skill block). These are held in the form of case studies and reconstructed professional situations, during the certification process and as part of the final test.


Dedicated learning spaces for different learning situations are available to students on the school campus. However, the student must have a personal computer, with a webcam and an internet connection at home.

Access and duration of studies

  • Application to be submitted 6 months before the start of each academic year (September)
  • Total duration 5 years (+/- 4,000 hours) plus preparatory course (if necessary)

Targeted skills divided into four blocks

  • Design the narrative of a 3D film
  • Develop an artistic proposal for a 3D film
  • Manage the production of a 3D film
  • Research and develop solutions for 3D film making

Indicateurs de résultat

Success rate for the certification (2021): 100%
Integration rate of graduates (2020): 87%


Back to school in September 2022.

Arles MoPA campus accessibility Our campus is accessible for people with disabilities. If you are wondering whether you can join our course, please contact us so that we can make suitable arrangements:

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