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Ten MoPA films at the Espoirs de l'Animation awards

For the 23rd Espoirs de l'Animation competition organised by M6 Group, 2nd year students at the MoPA animation film school made ten short films on the theme of ‘Alone we go faster, together we go further’.

‘Alone we go faster, together we go further!’ This is the theme tackled by our 2nd year students at the MoPA 3D animation school for the Espoirs de l'Animation 2024 competition. Orchestrated by M6 Group for the Tiji, Gulli and Canal J channels, this 23rd edition of the competition includes the MoPA school and its students for the very first time: an incredible professional opportunity for our budding 3D animators, who even had the honour of welcoming Coralie BOITRELLE-LAIGLE, Director of Youth Programming France at GROUPE M6, and Caroline ADELUS, Programme Advisor at GROUPE M6, to the school's premises.





Through their 3D animated films, the students had to succeed in conveying the values of kindness, generosity and courage to a young audience. By treating the subject with lightness, humour and creativity, each film had to be adapted to the target audience of the channel chosen by the students. With Tiji, a channel dedicated to 3-6 year-olds, the students had to focus on gentleness and openness to the world to encourage children's learning. On Gulli, the channel for 6-10 year-olds, the focus was on humour and sharing between parents and children! Finally, on Canal J, the channel for 7-12 year-olds, the focus was on action and adventure, with a cast of characters that were both funny and cheeky.

A jury of professionals will meet at the end of the broadcasting period to select the winners from the 42 films in competition. But that's not all: you, the public, also have your say! Viewers are invited to vote for their favourite film in each category. All the more reason for younger viewers to develop their critical faculties!


MoPA student films on Tiji :

  • Bouquet final - directed by Carla BRISCESE, Lisa LARSONNEUR, Eloé LIU, Maëlle PASQUIER
  • Donjon & ourson - Lou FERCHAUD, Andréa FORTIN MARIÑO, Manon GOLIRO, Miriam KABECHE
  • La tête dans les étoiles - Emilie ARGENCE, Auréline GALLERAND, Camille MARCHAND, Tiphaine MAILLARD
  • Stella et le dragon - Lilou FERRY MORI, Lucille REINAUD, Marlène SAILLY, Clara DUBOUCH


    MoPA student films on Gulli :

    • Gauche - directed by Alyson BEUNARD-BIENVENU, Mathieu JEAN, Arthur CAUQUIL, Raphaël MAZUET
    • Pat'Pot - Directed by Antoine BLANC, Nolwenn CHAUFOUR, Thibault DENOIX DE ST-MARC, Océane GAUTRONNEAU


      MoPA student films on Canal J :

      • Damari - directed by Lino HERMELOUP, Thibaud DEPROST, Quentin DE MARCO, Gaëlle CONRAUX
      • La quête de l'épée - directed by Clémence DE MACEDO, Jeanne PENOT, Kalysta MENDES, Shana BAUGUIL
      • Mayday - directed by Luca Arcidiacono, Joséphine Caron, Rafael Johnson, Mathieu MOREIRA
      • The Race - directed by Angel SALMERON, Pauline NULLANS, Achille TESSIER and Charlotte PROST-BOUCLE


          A big well done to our students for these magical short films for young and old alike!


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