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Superheroes - Creation of a 3D character

As part of their 3rd year of animation studies, our students were asked to recreate a 3D superhero from either the Marvel, DC or another fictional universe.
Discover some of the productions created by our students in 3D animation school.

The exercise consisted of modelling, rigging and positioning an existing superhero of their choice in a fairly realistic style. The aim was to work on the athletic structure of the character. This was an opportunity for our students to practise using 3dsMax, Arnold, Nuke, the Adobe suite, and thus to apply all the skills they have acquired since the beginning of their training at MoPA.

Starfire, by Hugo Paties
“Creating a superhero is a very good exercise because their bodies are often enhanced and the muscles are clearly visible. I chose Starfire because I wanted to try to do something related to fire, and I wanted to sculpt a woman.
 It was super interesting and rewarding!”

Harley Quinn, by Marie-Lys Mathias

“I personally chose to sculpt Hawk Girl because I like her look and the different elements to her armour.”
Solène Marché

“I chose to create Bane, Batman's lifelong enemy, in his most stylized version.”
Adrien Blanchard, student in animation school


This is a rewarding exercise for our students because it allows them to practice all the steps involved in creating a character: sculpting, retopology, skin, textures, pausing, and lighting. 

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