MoPA- the school

A brief history

The history of MoPA is intrinsically linked to that of Supinfocom, created in Valenciennes in 1988. It was the first French school entirely dedicated to CG imaging. In the year 2000, it opened in Arles.

Over the next few years Supinfocom Arles forged its own path, gaining a reputation for excellence and winning its first international prizes. Since then the school has trained over 500 top-level professionals who are now working throughout the world and the list of prestigious prizes continues to get longer. Our graduates are sought out by industry professionals from studios throughout the world who also make up our graduation jury.

In 2015, Supinfocom Arles became MoPA. A new name and a new brand reflecting the maturity of its teaching programme and its independence.

Creativity and passion, an alliance between art and technology, a strong team spirit, demanding standards and innovation, and an international reputation…these are the values that characterise MoPA and have given it the reputation for excellence that it has today.

The MoPA community

Teaching staff

Training is dispensed by experienced industry professionals who alternate their professional activities with teaching.

Motivated by the passion for handing on their know-how and knowledge, the teaching staff demand high standards from our students but are also characterised by their generous, supportive approach.


Graduate network

Made up of over 600 graduates present in all major international studios, our graduates are also ambassadors for the school and welcome interns and fresh graduates into their organisations. Still attached to their old school  they take great pleasure in returning to the school to take part in juries, to dispense training, and present conferences.


The studios

With a loyalty and trust generated over a relationship spanning the 18 years of the school’s existence, they regularly come to MoPA to take part in our juries, for conferences and projects.



The students at MoPA enjoy the same equipment and software used in professional studios. The computing equipment: over 200 computers, loaded with 3DS Max, Nuke, Substance Painter, Houdini and more. A render farm contributes to the computer power necessary to produce our films.