Alumni Stories

Clarie Agnes (2017) talks about her studies at MoPA

Clarie Agnès
Co-director of the MoPA graduation film
Do It Yourself
Juan Olarte

… Recuerdo haber visto una entrevista a los realizadores de “Meet Buck”, esto hizo que buscara mas información acerca de la escuela ya que la técnica que usaron era algo muy distinto a lo que otras escuelas ofrecían. …


Sarak Chalek
Co-director of the graduate film

… We had a bunch of animation teachers that were always here, all the time, to give critiques and improve our animation. We had a couple of workshops for more technical things like crowd simulation and it was nice to have teachers here if we needed them, but most of the time we were so busy working that we just needed time to do our work …


Ludovic Habas
Co-director of the film
Douce Menace

It was my desire to work in directing that led me to choose this school. Exploring the world of CG animation, learning to master the technical tools, and wanting to push myself to the limits of my knowledge…all this led me to specialise in development and technical direction.

After the completion of the 4th Year film Rubika, I had the chance to join the team at Autour de Minuit studios as Character TD/FX.

The school facilitated an exchange network between industry professionals and students. It allowed me to find a fulltime permanent position before I’d even graduated. Once I had my diploma in my hand, I joined the studio Le Truc, in Geneva.

While I was working I still wanted to start new projects. I continued developing the technical tools that I’d put in place during my studies. This project was a success and I went back to school…not as a student, but this time as a teacher. I had the opportunity to share my passion and knowledge with the students, presenting them with my research and development of technical tools.

Stéphane Paccolat
Co-director of the film
Home Sweet Home

It was really quite an adventure. You discover your unsuspected hidden talents. You fight battles, long and hard, against others but also against yourself. You’re surrounded by great people who push you beyond your limits.

I spent five amazing years at the school and learnt the right tools to tackle the professional world and progress quickly in it.

I now work at Illumination MacGuff, creators of Despicable Me.

Oriane Mulleras – El Atmani
Co-director of the film

I came to the school after a high school studies in Applied Arts. This course was a huge advantage to me career-wise, and gave me direct access to the world of cinema. I had five years of intense, rich learning: in drawing, film analysis, concept design and directing.

Each year was challenging, driven by fascinating projects, a great atmosphere, quality teaching staff and programme. All this pushed me beyond my limits, and I gained a lot of maturity. I got a lot from this school. It gives you the ability to be an efficient self-starter in the professional world.

I would, without any hesitation, recommend this school.

I’m currently working as Lighting TD at MPC Montreal. I’ll soon be at Atomic Fiction as Lighter and Look Developer Artist on Game of Thrones.

Julien Hazebroucq
Co-director of the film
À la Française

It’s more than just a simple 3D animation school.

It’s a school that’s full of unexpected surprises. It grabs you in the guts and gives you the desire to keep going, further and further. It pushes you out of your usual same-old, bringing out the best of your abilities. Above all, what we discover is passion…for telling stories, for a job well done, for images that take on meaning. An all-consuming passion that never leaves us.

When we make it to the finishing line, diploma in hand, tired out from the great adventure, we realize that it actually gave us even more than that; it enriched us, endowed us with a great maturity and gave us the keys to professional success.

If I have one regret, it’s that the five years passed too fast. I should have taken advantage of them more.

Fabrice Fiteni
Co-director of the film

Nowadays it’s sometimes difficult to know where our studies will lead us. But if in the past I sometimes hesitated, I have to recognize that studies at this school gave a promising future.

The curriculum and the collective enthusiasm that reigns makes it one of the best-known qualifications in the field. Today there’s a network of alumni working throughout the world to the point that it’s difficult not to bump into someone who studied here.

The study programme requires a lot of personal investment and a lot of work, which is crucial for entering the professional world.

Laura Foglino
Co-director of the film

These five years have been among the most surprising and the best of my life. We learn all about the careers that exist in animation, of course, but during the course we most of all learn about ourselves.  It’s an environment that encourages creation, experimentation and fulfilment. Knowledge and passion for animation are communicated on all levels. The school is a goldmine for all those with a curious nature. I forged unforgettable connections and friendships that I’ll be able to count on throughout my professional career.

I still have that thirst for knowledge that the school gave me. I’ve worked on video games at Ubisoft, on Assassin’s Creed, on the TV series of Lapins Crétins and Les Triplés, and soon on a feature-length film for which I’ll be moving to Norway. And yes, the school is known pretty much everywhere in the world 😉

Thomas Bourdis
Co-director of the film

I joined the school after a high school leaving certificate in Economy and Science. These five years have been a real challenge. I learnt how to manage pressure and structure my work methods. I came out of it fulfilled, both on a personal and artistic level.

There’s an effect of emulation that pushes us to go beyond…I made progress through my contact with the teaching staff and the students. The various group or solo projects gave the working methods necessary for me to adapt to professional productions.

I’m currently working at MPC Montreal as Lighting Artist.

Soline Bejuy
Co-director of the film
Chaud Lapin

The last five years at the school were a real adventure, both personally and professionally. I learnt a lot about myself and others.

The standards are high. You ask yourself “Did I choose the right direction?”…”Is this really what I want to do?”

By working with the teaching staff and fellow students, the school allows each one of us to go beyond our limits, to take on as much knowledge as possible to best prepare ourselves to launch ourselves into the world of work and keep our heads firmly on our shoulders.

The school is surrounded by passionate individuals…so it’s only natural that it produces passionate graduates! This is also how I work in the industry; with that same spirit.

Paul-Emile Boucher
Co-director of the film

After a vocational diploma in Audiovisual studies, I took my first steps in the world of animation here. Guided by a teaching team that was both demanding and supportive, and carried along by an incredible desire to emulate the achievements of my fellow students, I was able to explore all the various steps that go into digital creation.

The course curriculum is firmly anchored in practice and allowed me to hone my skills firstly as an individual, but then to find my place in a production team. When you graduate there are lots of opportunities, and they’re not just limited to animated cinema. Thanks to an already-rich portfolio (I made three student short films during my studies) I was able to explore the world of video games, and I’m still doing it…and loving it!

I’m currently working at Ubisoft France as Environmental and VFX Artist.