Study cycle 1

The objectives

The objectives are:
-to acquire a methodology that allows the students to carry school projects to successful outcomes from beginning to end
-to gain both individual and team experience
-to acquire the artistic and cinematographic fundamentals enabling students to successfully complete an animated film
-to gain experience on the complete technical workflow from concept development to production of an animated short film
Generally, the subjects studies are organised around four main strands:
-develop an artistic gaze, an understanding of form and shape, develop gestural/practical skills, be able to draw correctly form observation, develop one’s own visual language.
-introduce the notion of point of view, shot framing, filming and editing
-address narration through writing, mise en scene/staging and the language of film
Technical Skills
-be able to use technical tools in order to successfully complete one’s projects
-address movement, rhythm and acting in order to breathe life into the characters we have created and make them believable

Instruction language: French

First Year course content

Art: Drawing, plastic arts, modelling & sculpture, art history
Cinema: the history of photography, the history of cinema, film analysis, introduction to storyboarding, photography, After-Effects, scriptwriting & storytelling
Technical Skills: Photoshop, After Effects, introduction to 3D animation
Animation: introduction to basic principles of 2D animation, completion of a 2D stop-motion animation graduation project

Second Year course content

Art: drawing , plastic arts, modelling & sculpture, film language, storyboarding, video, scriptwriting & storytelling
Technical skills: After Effects, 3D animation, completion of a group project Didac’docs 3D-animated short film
Animation: introduction to basic animation principles, completion of a traditional stop motion project.

Third Year course content

The third year is oriented towards acquiring the 3D skills necessary for the production of a solo short film project. By making a one-minute short animated film, each student learns about the various phases of development: concept/story development, storyboarding, layout, visual development, and sound.