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Cycle 2 3D animation course

Further training in 3D animation and professional development

The animation industry is structured into different professions. To respond to this market demand, improvement, specialisation and professionalism are the keywords of the 2nd study cycle at MoPA.

3D animation training children: MoPA school

With their knowledge of the process of animated film production gained during cycle 1, students in cycle 2 choose a specialisation allowing them to further their specific skills:

  • Careers in animation
  • Careers in imaging

During project production in teams and the distribution of roles within the team, each person will develop an expertise in a preferred field. Experience working in a team also helps the development of interpersonal skills that are essential for successful integration into a company.

Year 4
Further technical training in 3D animation and professional development

One part of the programme is a core curriculum for those studying both options, and the other part is specific to each option.
Year 4 of our 3D animation course is divided into technical workshops and projects.

Core curriculum

  • Explore the areas of design and the technical chain through an exercise on a given theme: Zbrush, Maya, Rigging, Substance, Marvelous, Arnold and Nuke
  • Integrate computer-generated images into real images: Live action technique / Photogrammetry / Tracking / Compositing
  • Produce a short 30 second film as part of a team
  • Pre-production of the final year film as part of a team

Image Specialisation

  • Technical modules: Concept Art and Character Design, Substance Designer, Grooming (Yeti), Clothing Simulation (Cloth), Advanced 3D Visual Development (Arnold), Houdini

3D Animation Specialisation

  • Intensive exercises exploring different animation situations: Rigging, posing, bipedal and quadrupedal body mechanics, facial animation and emotional expressions, lip syncing, acting and body language.

Year 5
Teaching focused on the final project

Les étudiants de notre formation film d'animation 3D se préparent à l'insertion professionnelle par la réalisation d'un court-métrage d'animation de fin d'études d'environ 5 minutes en équipe et en mode studio. Les équipes de 4 à 6 étudiants, constituées durant l'année précédente, finalisent la préproduction et mettent en œuvre la production et post-production de leur film.

Ils sont accompagnés par des intervenants professionnels qui assurent le suivi de la production et les assistent tant sur le plan de la conception que techniquement.
MoPA a développé un partenariat avec les étudiants du MAAAV, master en « Musiques Appliquées aux Arts Visuels » pour la création de musiques originales.

The final year jury in Arles - The talents of tomorrow

The final year short animated film, produced in real studio conditions, is the high point of the course. Bringing together all the knowledge acquired during the 5 years of study, this film is the showcase of the students’ artistic and technical know-how and the passport to the most prestigious studios.

After a year dedicated to producing this short film as part of a team, professionals come to attend the screening of the films and meet our students. The public screening takes place in the ancient theatre of Arles, where 2000 people come to share the magic of the images in this historical place. Afterwards, the animated films will be shown at the biggest international festivals.

3D animation course: MoPA school in Arles

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