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A portrait of Alexandre, a 5th-year student at the MoPA film animation school

Let’s meet Alexandre, a 5th-year student at the MoPA film animation school. He tells us all about his five years studying animated film!

After completing his advanced technician's certificate, Alexandre decided to attend the MoPA 3D film animation school because of its excellent academic reputation and great ambiance.
In 2nd year he moved to the film animation school where he spent countless hours studying anatomy, drawing, etc. Then came specialised training in 3D animation when he produced a training film. After three year, the first academic cycle ended in film animation and a one-minute solo-directed short film.
For the final two years of study, Alexandre opted to specialise in "Moving Image Careers" so he could work on areas like character modelling, texturing, lighting, and rendering. His entire 5th year was spent on his final-year student 3D animated film project. He really enjoyed this experience, especially working with a team and receiving guidance from the faculty, who are professionals in the animated film industry.
Alexandre attended a 4th-year workshop where we worked on directing and modelling a realistic character – and learned about character creation. It made him want to become a character modeller or surfacing artist, and he dreamed of working for famous feature animation studios like Illumination MacGuff that created the Minions!

“If you want to attend the MoPA Film Animation School, don't be nervous because it’s all going to be great. MoPA is an amazing school for 3D animated design!"

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