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Creation of a "Hybrid" character: half human, half animal

The 4th year students at our animation school were asked to design a character that is halfway between a human and an animal. This is an opportunity for them to draw on the wide range of skills they acquired during their studies at the MoPA school.

This exercise was set at the beginning of the 4th year and required the animal chosen to represent a personality trait of the character, a story. This is a cross-disciplinary project which aims to combine the various artistic and technical skills developed by the students during their MoPA training.
Below are six of the students' productions, produced using software such as: Maya, Arnold, Zbrush, Substance Designer/Painter, Marvelous Designer and Nuke.

“Portrayal of a Parisian bobo in a waiting room.”
Amélie Devauchelle

Ergastular, by Julien Coetto 


“I wanted to create a sensitive and elegant character, so I chose to create a painter. The Borzoi, a Russian breed of dog, seemed ideal for this.”
Juliette Michel

Pascal Peiffer, 4th year student at our animation school

Discover the context and the creative process of this "Pi-Rat" in an article dedicated to the 3DTotal competition, won by Swann.

Dharma, by Gabriel Sanayeh.
“I was inspired by one of my favourite games: Beyond good and evil. 
It takes place in a futuristic universe where, living amongst the humans, you find hybrids that were originally created to take on the more physically demanding jobs. Some are free, other rebel and become pirates.”


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