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Creation of a 3D alley

As part of a set design exercise at the MoPA 3D animation school, students were asked to produce a 3D alley from scratch, inspired by one of the following themes: medieval, post-apocalyptic or futuristic.


Discover a selection of the best productions of our 3D animation students.



Ruelle en 3D MoPa - Réalisation de Nathan Jauze

Nathan Jauze

Nathan chose to approach the "post-apocalyptic" and "futuristic" themes because they were the ones that most inspired him at the time.
For this exercise, he began his concepts by taking references from famous dystopias and the unsanitary alleys from megalopolis.

Ruelle en 3D MoPa - Réalisation d'Adèle Collin

Adèle Collin

Adèle chose the "post-apocalyptic" theme and decided to represent the city of Venice, Italy. She found it interesting to remodel this place which was once lively and full of tourists.

Ruelle en 3D MoPa - Réalisation de Mathis Mysius

Mathys Mysius

This student from the MoPA 3D animation school turned his focus to the "post-apocalyptic" theme. He portrayed the idea of a recent zombie invasion, as suggested by the streets in a relatively good condition.
"I wanted to create a certain atmosphere, soft and warm with the use of light but also troublesome because of the absence of life, as well as footprints and demands to stay home on the screen."
For this exercise, Mathys kept away from external references as much as possible, his goal was to succeed in adapting his 2D style to 3D in order to find his own style, “hence the use of cell shading to have a flatter and less realistic rendering”.
Cell shading is a non-realistic lighting method that aims to generate images with a "cartoon" appearance.

Ruelle en 3D MoPa - Réalisation d'Edita Kokorin

Edita Kokorin

This 3rd year student from the MoPA 3D animation school chose the "futuristic” theme.

Here is her note of intent:
On a planet with very little resources, the ever-increasing human population is forced to live with a focus on efficiency and convenience. This is a contrasting way of life compared with their neighbours, an extraterrestrial species that has made its home on planet Earth.
These creatures are not bound by time, mortality or a physical body. They exist freely and cause no harm to humans, but they are a constant reminder of humanity's intellectual and physical limitations, its imperfections and lack of freedom.

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Ruelle en 3D MoPa - Réalisation de Blandine Nguyen

Blandine Nguyen

For the 3D alley exercise, this MoPA 3D animation school student wanted to practice camera mapping, by integrating the moon in her production. 
By camera mapping, we mean projecting light onto static volumes with the aim of creating an optical illusion. It is the projection of animations, images and other visuals on 3D surfaces like buildings or indoor places like auditoriums, stadiums or museums.

Ruelle en 3D MoPa - Réalisation de Violette Petit

Violette Petit

Violette chose the “post-apocalyptic” theme. She was inspired by ancient Greece and approached the subject with a "religious" focus, interpreting the apocalypse in the biblical sense. She depicted the underworld emerging from the ground with subtle traces of blood, showing that "humans have been lured to the bottom of this crevice by demons".

It was a very rewarding exercise that allowed me to experience other aspects of 3D and expand my knowledge.

Nathan Jauze, MoPA student

Backstreet drawings: students on a 3D animation course Drawing Noée Butz: Student on a 3D animation course Drawing Marie Pijollet: Student on a 3D animation course



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