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Interview with Selim, 4th-year film animation student at MoPA

Selim decided to attend the MoPA Film Animation School and tells us about his last four years.

Selim spent 1st year at the MoPA film animation school studying academic drawing. Once in his 2nd year, he could begin working on 3D animated films. In 3rd year, he solo-directed a one-minute animated film and then made one with a team in his 4th year. Making so many films gave him opportunities to practice everything he had learned and unleash his cinematographic creativity!
He especially loved producing his own film in 3rd year because he could work on every stage of film design, from pre-production to post-production. 
He aspires to enter the film animation industry doing pre-production work like storyboarding and concept art.

“Never lose your creative side and always be curious!”

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