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End of year Jury - Screening of films in front of industry professionals

Every year, our MoPA students' animation films are screened under the expert eye of professionals from prestigious studios.

The final year 3D animation films by MoPA students were screened in front of a jury of professionals in the legendary amphitheatre of the Arles School of Photography.

The jury was composed of MoPA's teaching staff and professionals from renowned studios:

  • Cube creative - Lionel Fages - President, Cofounder, Producer
  • DNEG - Gaianka Martinet - FX Technical supervisor
  • The Mill/MPC - Fabian Frank - Head of CG
  • Locksmith - Shelley Page - Key Talent and Artist Liaison
  • Nexus - Florian Caspar - CG Supervisor
  • Blue Spirit - Samuel Feuillade - Artistic Director
  • Fortiche - Loris Pailler - Production Supervisor
  • Elipse - Audrey Serre - Producer
  • Superprod - Florian Fuentes - Animation Supervisor
  • Framestore - Claire Michaud - Animation Supervisor
  • TNZPV - Mathieu Rey - Cofounder
  • Xilam - Cecile Hergaux - Director of Studios Xilam - Groupe / EVP Studios

For the 3rd year students at our animation school, this year' s challenge was to make a one-minute short film based on the theme of colour. This was an individual project which allowed the students to work on the whole production process: from script to post-production, including storyboarding, 3D animation, editing and lighting.

The theme for the 4th year students was: Shape and Space. The work was to be carried out in teams and consisted of a 30-second short film.

Finally, the 5th and final year students also had to make their final year short film in teams.

For all the students, and especially the 5th year students, this event is an opportunity to present their work to professionals from the sector who are not part of the MoPA teaching staff. Their feedback is very valuable for students who are about to take their first steps into the job market.

A huge congratulations to all the students and a big thank you to the professional jury who attended.

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