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End of year screening in the Arles Roman Theatre

Like every year, the MoPA school teaching staff and management, as well as parents, relatives and other local residents gather at the mythical Arles Roman Theatre. On the programme, the screening of students' films from the MoPA animation school.

It is one of the most important events of the school year, marking the completion of five years of study, and one that MoPA animation school students have been thinking about since their first year.

To create these films, students form groups of about 5 people.
Work for the fifth and final year begins in the summer before, which is when the students start to think about the story they want to tell.

The first step in this project is pre-production. This is when the story is written and the ideas are created.

The production stage comes next with the modelling, animation, lighting, texturing, etc. phases.

Finally is the post production stage, which consists of fine tuning everything that has been completed up until now, adding sound, music, and carefully editing.

"As of today, their films no longer belong to them, they belong to the audience."

Lionel Pouchard
Storyboard Artist - MoPA speaker


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