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3D production of a Super Hero

Discover a creative and historic challenge for our 3rd year students at MoPA: the 3D design of a Super Hero! An artistic exploration of the Marvel and DC Comics universes that never ceases to delight our young artists.

At our 3D animation film school MoPA, 3rd year students are faced with an unavoidable exercise: bringing a superhero to life in 3D.

From choosing the character to modelling it, through rigging to the final pose, each stage is carried out in the most realistic style possible.

This unique experience allows our students to create an athletic anatomy and is an opportunity for them to put into practice all the skills they have acquired since starting their 3D animation training at MoPA. They use software such as 3dsMax, Arnold and Nuke, as well as the Adobe suite, to bring their superheroes to life. 

Take a closer look at the work of some of our students.


"Sometimes the only difference between a good superhero movie and a bad one... is its antagonist. And for me, no one lives up to that title better than Spiderman's nemesis: the Green Goblin. He's chaotic, treacherous, even horrific, as demonstrated by the masterful performance of a Willem Dafoe at the top of his game. But it's his gadgets, especially his glider for some impressive aerobatics, that characterise him, which is why I was so interested in him in the sculpt. By redesigning his costume from the films to match the colour code of the comics, I managed to place my illustration halfway between realism and comics thanks to realistic textures and truculent lighting."

Thanks to Corto for his testimonial, and find more of his creations on his Instagram profile.


"For this project I decided to model Hawkgirl, more precisely in her White Lantern form. This choice was based on a desire to show this combative heroine in a different light. So I opted for a more delicate, measured pose, as she surveys the city from the perch where she's about to land. Being personnaly attracted to the creation of characters and, more specifically, creatures, it was the wings that motivated me for this project. Based on the anatomy of a hawk, I was able to rig them entirely so that I could move them as I wished. Finally, for the rendering, I was inspired by comic book covers with a very colourful spirit."

Congratulations to Léa on her achievement, and feel free to discover her universe on her Instagram profile.


"I chose to represent Black Panther because I like the presence and discretion that he embodies. I wanted to represent him in a more tribal way by bringing together the style of Chris Allen's Black Panther with that of the Current Marvels. The texture work is really the part that amused me the most and I wanted to highlight the African style that permeates the character."

A creation by Mathis, which you can also follow on his Instagram profile.


“I chose to interpret Tiger, a colorful superhero from the manga My Hero Academia, in 3D. What I liked about this character is the contrast between his intimidating personality and his eccentric costume. I pushed the idea into the rendering, with quite marked lighting between light and shadow but also colorful with the pink background cut into a manga box from which he comes out to fight in a not very cute way!”

A colorful creation by Tiphaine, whose universe is also visible on her Instagram profile.


"I chose the super heroine "Wave" who only appears in a few Marvel comics. She immediately interested me because she has a costume and weapons with very interesting textures and on top of that she's not very popular, which made me want to introduce her to a larger target audience. It's probably my favorite project this year so far because character creation has always attracted me, and this project in particular made us learn each step of it! It was very interesting and made me want to deepen my knowledge of sculpting and retopology."

Congratulations to Anaelle, who you can of course discover on her Artstation profile.


Congratulations again to all of our students who, once again this year, were able to demonstrate their talent! 




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