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It's back to school time at MoPA: The students are already hard at work!

September marks the start of the school year for all MoPA students, in a campus that has been completely renovated over the summer!

Like every year, the month of September at MoPA means the start of the new school year for all our students on our completely renovated campus! The school management and all the teaching staff carefully prepared for the arrival of the Mopians so that these first few days can set the tone for the coming year.

The 5th year students were immediately immersed in writing the scripts for their final year films, which will be this year’s central focus. Tune in in June to see what they have accomplished!
The 2nd year students took advantage of their first week of school to discover the city of Arles and to do some outdoor drawings. During the last few beautiful days of the summer, they drew the city’s gardens and squares as well as the banks of the river Rhône.
The 3rd year students are put straight to work with the creation of two 3D exercises: an alleyway and a superhero. 

The 4th year students started the year with an introduction to Maya software, one of the most important software packages in the creation of computer graphics.

The 1st year students were introduced to perspective drawing and storyboarding, which are essential before embarking on 3D projects

Finally, the students in the preparatory class were the last to return to school. They started by practising academic drawing and photography.

The whole team at MoPA would like to welcome our students back for this new school year! 

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