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Testimonials from two MoPA alumni

Two of our MoPA alumni, Romain Thirion and Julie Bijjou, visited the current students. We had the chance to talk with them about their training at the MoPA animation school and their professional career afterwards.

Romain Thirion (Class of 2017), Concept Artist and Film Director

Métier Concept Artist - Ecole de cinéma MoPA


Romain graduated in 2017 from the MoPA animation school.
 Today, he works as a concept artist and director for video game trailers. According to him, concept art consists of creating the first visuals of a project, in order to determine the direction of the graphic design.
"It's about getting the production company, client and business that are going to make the 3D film to agree on the aesthetics of the project. “
He talks about doing character design, environment design, props, moodboard, lightboard, etc.
"In fact, the concept artist's work is everything that will answer the question: What’s it going to look like in the final project? “
Following his training at the MoPA 3D animation school, Romain was able to work in different areas of the industry. At first he worked in VFX for films, particularly Marvel when he was in London. He then worked in the advertising sector, and on TV series on an episode of Black Mirror, for example.
Now, he works on video game trailers for brands such as Free Fire or Warhammer.

See the film Hybrids

Julie Bijjou (Class of 2020), Groom Artist

Métier Groom Artist - Ecole de cinéma MoPA


Julie graduated from the MoPA 3D animation school in 2020 and is currently a Groom Artist at TAT Productions (The Jungle Bunch, Pil’s Adventures, etc.).
She defines the job of Groom Artist as a "digital hairdresser". The Groom Artist takes care of the hair for the characters and animals. During the process, Julie steps in after the modelling of the characters has been done, to add hair and/or fur.
Julie has worked on two feature films, a commercial and is currently working on a Netflix series. There’s no shortage of projects and opportunities for our young graduates!
"The advice I give to animation students is, of course, to work hard, but above all put a lot of passion and effort into their various projects. “

See the film Beyond the trees


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