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Graduate Testimonial - Previsualisation Supervisor at Illumination

Meet Xavier Zahra, a 2006 graduate of the MoPA animation school. He now works as a previsualisation supervisor at Illumination. Find out more about his fascinating job!

Following his training in 3D animation at the MoPA animation school, Xavier started his career in advertising where he was in charge of special effects and post-production for commercials. For this, he had the opportunity to work in England and the United States!

He then turned to previsualisation, which means that he’s in charge of creating virtual cinematography for films or series. Some of his work includes the film "Gravity" and seasons 2 and 3 of the series "Game of Thrones".

Today, Xavier is Lead Rough Layout (RLO) for the Illumination MacGuff animation studio in Paris. He creates the virtual scenery after the storyboard process but before the animators start their work. He moves characters in the sets to determine the camera angles and timing. He particularly enjoys the creative aspect of this job which allows him to suggest ideas to directors and even experiment virtually with the camera.

He chose the MoPA 3D animation school for his training because of the school's excellent reputation and the network of companies, especially abroad, that the school had developed.

"Listen to yourself and follow your instincts! At MoPA, I learned how to study but most importantly how to work in a team."

Xavier Zahra, MoPA graduate


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