A year in the Preparatory Class !

A immersive year designed to bring out the creative potential of each student…

Damien Rudeaux

I’m now in the second year of training as Concepteur/Réalisateur 3D and I joined MoPA two years ago through the school’s Preparatory Class. Looking back, I think that this year was really essential to get to the basics of drawing and to start my learning path.


From “the creative portrait” workshop. Photography and graphic design on the theme of the portrait.

… discovering new domains of the arts through numerous artistic projects

Learn to observe and draw what you see …

Observational drawings from life models, with or without costumes

Design and breathe life into characters …

Character design lessons from the cross-curricular project “The Clan”

Clay modelling lessons – taking a character created in creative writing lessons and drawing class and translating it into volume

Create whole different worlds… …

Creation of miniature still-life/interiors

Learn to compose an image, using different types of techniques …

Visit to the Musée des Alpilles – traditional typography techniques

Creation of ex-libris – graphic design classes – learning image software

Colour study – landscape and emotion

Photography and video class – Hyperlapse experiments

Learn to tell stories …

Cross-curricular project – book of prints created in art class with content from creative writing classes

Tell stories through animation …

Flip-book 2D animation / storyboard class project

2D paper cut-out stop-motion films – group project

Learn to tell stories through video …

Photography/video lessons – writing, dramatizing, filming and editing short video works



School-year: mid-September to mid-May


High school diploma

FEES 2020-2021

5 600€


Via the online platform (opens 6 January 2020)