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Matte Painter

Matte painters are professionals who design 3D digital sets and environments. They play a key role in rendering an animated film’s ambiance and colours.

Main goals

As designers of digital environments, matte painters conceive the sets that are added to the background of 3D animated films.

  • Practically speaking, matte painters are tasked with:
  • Analysing visual descriptions, cultural references, and all the ambient and lighting components provided by the film director
  • Producing a detailed digital environment to be added to the animated film, which can be done by using pre-existing image in image banks or using they imagination
  • Meeting the director’s vision and providing the digital sets by the deadline while maintaining full artistic control to generate the desired results

Required qualifications

In the film animation industry, matte painters must have several different skills: 
  • Artistic talent
  • A keen eye for composition
  • Sense of proportions
  • Mastery of perspective
  • Good team work skills
  • Ability to adapt specific needs to each project

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