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Women in Animation scholarship winners

Our students Lou and Violette applied to the Women in Animation association in order to receive a scholarship.

Women in Animation is an association that campaigns for women and non-binary people in the animation sector. One of their current goals is to achieve gender equality in the animation sector by 2025. They have created a scholarship to support a number of selected female animation students from around the world.
Lou and Violette are 3rd and 4th year students respectively at MoPA and applied to Women in Animation.
Violette obtained an honourable mention and Lou is the only French student to have obtained this scholarship from a pool of talented women from all over the world (animators, character designers, environment artists, puppet artists, etc.)

Lou is passionate about images, loves to tell stories, create different atmospheres and has a particular interest in lighting and colour.
She decided to apply for this scholarship to support her with the costs of being a student and an artist, freeing her mind to focus on her passion.

Lou has always had a love of art. For a long time she thought she would pursue a general degree, but she is passionate about digital painting. She loved looking at images from talented illustrators and concept artists. In her final year of high school, she spent most of her free time on her graphics tablet and Photoshop creating digital paintings. It was finally her friend Violette, a MoPA student, who told her about her school. Lou was excited about the possibilities of animation and the buzz at the school's open day.

She is thinking of becoming a concept artist in order to do colourboarding, visual development or even become an artistic director. However, as she is still in her third year, she will continue to learn and try out new things!

Lou’s advice: “Take the leap! And above all, be bold. There are so many opportunities in this sector, so if you like it, you’re bound to find your place. However, it’s also a demanding field: you shouldn't be afraid to put in time and effort. A school is there to give you the best possible tools, but ultimately, it’s up to you to use them. In any case, enjoy yourself: stay curious about everything, educate yourself, watch films etc. and this will be reflected in the work you produce. ”

You can find her work on her website or on her Artstation profile.


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