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Concept Artist

The job of a concept artist is to create the visual world and atmosphere for animated films. They do the first drafts of characters, animals, objects, environments, décor, etc. Concept artists produce all of the details you see on the images.

Main goals

They manage the production of the concept artwork, places, characters, objects, ambiances, etc. Concept artists are passionate about drawing and digital painting, and their tasks include:

  • Finding many sources of inspiration by conducting graphic research
  • Drawing up drafts and sketches to form an idea of the animated film’s atmosphere
  • Adjusting things according to feedback from the artistic director and the director until they are finalised
  • Drawing characters and objects from different angles 

Required qualifications

In order to design a whole visual world for a 3D animated film, concept artists have skills that include:

  • Strong analytical and outlining skills
  • Curiosity
  • Adaptability
  • A strong foundation in drawing (volume, light, materials, anatomy)
  • Advanced knowledge of human and animal anatomy 
  • Excellent mastery of colours
  • A visual and artistic background 
  • Mastery of 2D/3D digital tools and knowledge of animation/special effects

Other jobs in the pre-production of an animated film :

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