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A Silver Medal Awarded by the Academy of Oscars

The graduation film The Diplomacy of the Eclipse, directed by five students from the school of animation, MoPA, has taken out one of the winning medals at the Student Academy Awards.

Following a collaborative effort that concluded their five years of studies at the world-renowned MoPA school of animation, the film The Diplomacy of the Eclipse has been awarded the Silver Medal at the Student Academy Awards, among 2,443 other competing films.

Directed by Clémence Bailly, Sélim Lallaoui, César Luton, Axel Mechin, and Achille Pasquier, this short film is the result of relentless hard work coupled with extraordinary creativity. The film transports the audience to a poetic, magnificent realm where viewers are immersed in imagination and emotion. Not a single movement or detail is left to chance in this film, which has already received its share of nominations and awards.

After winning the "Best in Show" at SIGGRAPH, one of the most prestigious and internationally-recognized events in the animation film industry, The Diplomacy of the Eclipse continues its award-winning journey. It was in Hollywood, on October 24, 2023, that the short film received the Silver Medal at the Student Academy Awards, conferred by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. An evening that will be etched in the memory of our students, contributing to the history of the 50th anniversary of the ceremony.

This award makes the short film eligible for the 2024 Oscars competition and adds to the list of accolades for MoPA students, standing alongside films such as Louis’ Shoes and The Green Bird, which both received the gold medal at the Student Academy Awards, as well as the Oscar-nominated Garden Party.

With The Diplomacy of the Eclipse, our students once again demonstrate that the future generation of directors and animators possesses a wealth of imagination, talent, and determination in the service of our common passion for animated cinema.


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