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Fabrice Fiteni chose to become an Animation Supervisor

Let's meet Fabrice Fiteni, a 2011 graduate of the MoPA Film Animation School. He now works in London as an Animation Supervisor at the Electric Theatre Collective, an animated film studio specialised in special effects.

It can be hard nowadays to know what your education will amount to. I would sometimes have doubts in the past, but I must admit that the MoPA Film Animation School really offered a bright future.

The curriculum and the general feeling of motivation makes it one of the industry’s most recognised 3D animation schools. Now there are so many alumni scattered all over the world's biggest animation studios that it's hard not to bump into a former MoPA student.

MoPA's programme demands lots of time and energy, which is key when entering the working world. 

I am currently working at the Electric Theatre Collective in London. It’s a visual effects studio and I do work for several different brands such as Axe, LG Electronics, Seat, Skoa, Jägermeister, and Ikea.

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