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Julien Hazbroucq, Film Director and CG Artist in Paris and New York

Julien Hazbroucq graduated the MoPA Film Animation School in 2012. He tells us about his career path. He now works as a film director and CG artist at the Hornet and Eddy animation studios in Paris and New York.

MoPA is much more than just a 3D film animation school! It’s a film animation school that’s full of surprises, twists and turns. It grabs you by the throat and always makes you want to go further. It challenges you to get out of your comfort zone and be the best you can be.

And above all that, it makes you understand passion. A passion for telling stories, a strict and meticulous work ethic, and creating meaningful images. An all-consuming passion for film animation that's ingrained for life.

When you cross the finish line and have that diploma in hand, you're exhausted from the journey but you realise you've gained much more than you put in, and that it's enriched you, made you truly grow up by giving you the keys to success for your future career.
I only have one regret! I let those five years studying 3D design and directing go by too fast. I should have taken better advantage of them. 

Once I got my 3D animation degree, I started working toward a career in directing animated films. And then as a CG Artist that creates characters, objects and environments on animation software and 3D computer graphics.

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