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2013 graduate Thomas chose to become a Lighting Supervisor

Let’s meet Thomas Bourdis, who graduated from MoPA in 2013 with a degree in film animation. He’s now a Lighting Supervisor in Montreal at Method Studios, an animation studio specialised in VFX.

I entered the MoPA Film Animation School after earning a baccalaureate in economics and social issues. Those five years studying design and directing in 3D film animation were seriously challenging. I learned how to manage pressure and organise my work methods. I graduated with a great sense of satisfaction both on a personal and artistic level.

There's a competitive spirit that pushes us to push the limits. Meeting the lecturers and other students gave me a leg up. Through all the solo and team film projects, I learned the right methods for understanding how to work on professional productions.

I’ve worked for several different 3D animation studios in Montreal, including Industrial Light & Magic, Rodeo FX, and MPC, and I’m now Lighting Supervisor at Method Studios, which notably worked on the Loki series.

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