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Animator/ 3D Character Animator

The job of an animator or 3D character animator is to make things move in an animated film, like characters and objects. 
In 2D animation, they start with a drawing and use digital tools to bring them to life. In 3D animated films, everything is done on a computer using CG and animation software.
3D animators have a solid background in their industry and all the phases of production, plus they have a distinct passion for cartoons. 3D character animators animate and handle the 3D models created by the designers and artists.

Main goals

3D animators play a crucial role in making an animated film and are tasked with:

  • Animating characters (humans, animals, creatures) gestures, gaits, etc.
  • Translate a character’s emotions with facial expressions
  • Select the perfect textures, colours, and lighting
  • Constantly keep up with the latest innovations in animation technology

Required qualifications

3D character animators or 3D animators have highly technical skills and competencies: 

  • Artistic ability
  • Creativity
  • Discipline
  • Attention to detail
  • Patience and meticulousness
  • Solid foundations in drawing and modelling (perspectives, colours, light/shadow, volume, textures, materials, etc.)
  • Very good knowledge of human and animal anatomy
  • Excellent drawing skills for 2D animation
  • Mastery of 2D/ 3D and animation digital tools like Photoshop, Maya and 3DS Max
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