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When the modellers are done, riggers work on the 3D models. They apply a “digital skeleton” to models so they can be moved around in a realistic manner. Riggers establish control points and connections, and choose the axes of rotation for creating the desired movements.


    Main goals

    Riggers support the work of 3D animators by:

    • Giving 3D models a skeleton so they can be animated
    • Positioning control points on a 3D model's motion areas
    • Create a user-friendly interface for facial animation

    Required qualifications

    Riggers are trained in 3D animation and have a highly technical skillset. Their proficiencies and competencies are vital for animated films and mainly require:

    • Organisation
    • Sense of observation
    • Ability to work on a team and collaborate
    • Excellent knowledge of how humans, animals, and faces move as well as their anatomy
    • Good geometry skills
    • Mastery of 3D and animation digital tools like Maya and 3DS Max
    • A fondness for programming

    Meet with us

    Do you want to find out more about our 3D animation school?
    Come and meet us at our upcoming events.


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