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Lighter/Lighting Artist

The job of lighters or lighting artists is to light the characters and sets in animated films. They are similar to a director of photography in the film industry. Lighters play a pivotal role in creating ambiance, depth and realism in a scene.

Main goals

To design and produce lighting for a 3D animated film, lighter/lighting artists are tasked with:

  • Translating what the artistic director wants by selecting the right lighting 
  • Recreating lighting in a 3D scene: positioning the light sources, determining their brightness, direction, where the shadows are cast, etc.
  • Controlling how certain assets react to light, such as reflective materials or shiny objects

Required qualifications

In order to make everyone else’s work look its best, lighters/lighting artists must have the following skills:
  • Strong aesthetic sense and an eye for graphics
  • Listening ability
  • Precision and meticulousness
  • Attention to detail
  • Mastery of drawing and graphic design techniques (perspective, colours, shadows, textures, etc.)
  • A background in images and knowledge of photography and light
  • Mastery of 2D/3D animation software like Photoshop, Maya and 3DS Max

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