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Directors have artistic control over the entire process of making a 3D animated film. They project manager the adaptation, style and cutting. They're the ones who give a film its artistic vision.

Main goals

An animated film director's job changes depending on the production phase:
  • Pre-production: in this phase, the director oversees the storyline. They have to decided on the scenes, the pacing, and the staging so a storyboard can be established. They also hire the crews.
  • Production: Then they supervise the production crews, articulate their vision for the film, and highlight their artistic choices.
  • Post-production: They oversee the final production phases of the film to make sure the project matches their vision.

Required qualifications

In an animated film production, the director is the orchestra conductor and in terms of skills, they must:
  • Be organised
  • Be disciplined
  • Persevere
  • Be creative
  • Have a good eye
  • Be able to explain their projects and vision

Other jobs in the pre-production of an animated film :

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