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Layout Artist

Layout artists put the storyboard into 3D. They analyse the production’s storyboard or script to break down each shot into separate components (sets, characters, etc.). Layout artists then add movement by doing an animated model while also determining the camera angles and movements.

Main goals

A layout artist's job is as follows:
  • Adapt the storyboard for 3D staging
  • Install the sets and position the characters
  • Do some basic animation to provide a preview
  • Determine the frames and camera movements

Required qualifications

Layout artists are 3D artists with an eye for film Their skills mainly include:
  • An eye for graphics (framing, perspectives)
  • Discipline
  • Excellent drawing skills
  • Mastery of 3D animation techniques
  • A background in images and knowledge of shooting and camera techniques (focal lengths, movements)

Other jobs in the pre-production of an animated film :

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