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Storyboarders on animated films work from a storyline that they are given by a production company, director or screenwriter.
They have to interpret the story by breaking down the images into what is called a storyboard.
This is the first step in putting the story in the script into images. This so-called comic strip of an animated film details every shot. 

Main goals

Storyboarders are a key player in the creation process and must be able to:  
  • Analyse what the director, screenwriter or head storyboarder wants
  • Divide the storyline into scenes and then shots
  • Draw each shot
  • Add dialogue and staging instructions to each shot they draw

Required qualifications

In film animation, storyboarders prolific illustrators and love telling stories. They have many skills:
  • An eye for graphics and moving images
  • Creativity
  • A background in images (photography, video, film, graphic design)
  • Excellent illustration skills
  • A knack for narration

Other jobs in the pre-production of an animated film :

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