And after MoPA…

The animation market

France is ranked 3rd for worldwide animation production, after the USA and Japan.

France is ranked 1st in Europe. With the establishment of attractive fiscal initiatives, increasing numbers of productions are relocating here.

Employment in the animation sector is currently booming, particularly in France.

The diverse industry sectors


  • Feature-film production
  • Childrens’ animated TV series


  • Cinema FX
  • Advertising
  • Corporate & Institution films
  • TV clips and effects

Video games

Career opportunities

CG animation was born in France a little over 30 years ago. Over this time, the sector has gradually specialised into specific tasks and roles. Here are just some of the occupations that CG qualifications open up to graduates:


  • Director
  • Screenwriter
  • Storyboarder
  • Layout
  • Artistic Director
  • Character designer
  • Concept artist


  • Modeler/Digital Sculpter
  • Rigger
  • Animator
  • Lighting Manager
  • TD
  • Production Manager


  • FX Artist
  • matte painter
  • compositer
  • Editor / Color Grader
  • Sound designer

Behind the scenes of the MoPA film Wheatman